CARBON COPY: The Charles Morris Building | A Documentary
Project by Charley Young + Sarah Haydon Roy


The Morris Building, built in 1764, is the oldest wooden residence in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was the office of Charles Morris, the first surveyor of Halifax. Originally located on Hollis Street this historic building was slated for demolition in 2009. Thanks to the efforts of the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, the Ecology Action Centre and many others, the building was saved and temporarily positioned on a nearby lot while awaiting its next move to its permanent site in 2013. 

In 2010, Charley Young created Carbon Copy: The Charles Morris Building, a site-specific monoprint that recorded the scale, texture and marks of this historic structure. Using the process of frottage (rubbing), Young draped the building with sheer white fabric and rolled ink onto its surface to indexically reveal the textures underneath.  Artist, Sarah Haydon Roy, inspired by the presence of those who formerly occupied the building created an installation using recontextualized lamps and furniture. 

Support for this project has been provided by Nova Scotia, Communities, Culture and Heritage.

Cinematographers: Kevin Fraser + Paul McCurdy |
Director and editor: Paul McCurdy
Opening and Closing Credits: Anne MacMillan |