Free Will North Church Project Space
Tides Institute and Museum of Art, Eastport, Maine

A forecast is a prediction, a prophecy, based upon events of the past, that anticipates the future. 

FORECAST brings together the work of two artists from across borders, Shoshannah White (Portland, Maine) and Charley Young (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Based on their experiences in both Svalbard, Norway and Prince William Sound, Alaska, the work is a parallel inquiry into transformation, uncertain landscapes and sacred spaces. 

Ice, at times translucent, opaque and often almost invisible, is in a constant state of flux. In glacier form, it is melting, growing, compressing. From liquid to solid, it holds our planetary history in its transparent layers and informs the future based on the past. It carves into mountains and leaves moraines and new landscapes as it recedes. Collected as data, a series of recorded points becomes a line, a trajectory, a forecast. Through practically imperceptible changes, the contours of our Northern environments expose carved landscapes – making visible, the voids left by receding glaciers. 

Materials used in this installation include those which block out weather and light, Tyvek and black-out cloth – both meant to protect us from the elements and record things we cannot see: the space between mountains and hidden information within transparent  ice. 

Featured works by Charley Young: 

CARVED CONTOUR, is a site-specific installation that traces the perimeter of mountains ridges to give shape to an often invisible void space. Created using Duvetyn, a light masking material, this work imagines the erasure of this alpine environment and explores the cross-cultural worship of mountains. 

This sculptural work indexically records the form of melting glacier ice sourced from Prince William Sound, Alaska. 

SWELL A frottage rubbing by Charley Young using glacier ice sourced from Prince William Sound, Alaska. 

This work was generously supported by Arts Nova Scotia and Tides Institute Museum of Art. Special thanks to Tonee Harbert, Luke Smith, Rosamunde Bordo, John Leroux, Amanda Thackary, Kristin McKinley and Hugh French.