In situ casting, Cement and Epoxy Putty
Sizes Variable
Fall 2013

Created while an artist-in-residence at The Banff Centre, in Banff, Alberta, Holding My Pulse in Your Hands is a small-scale work made to acknowledge the artist’s temporary presence within this region, and is an attempt to capture site-based interactions. These intimate handfuls document a momentary pause and reflection that was once a direct, physical, and sensory experience within the landscape of Banff National Park. They are an attempt to capture a place in an effort to be able to take it with you upon departure. The hand-sized scale of the work acknowledges the necessary portability of artworks within the globalized landscape of contemporary art, as well as for the itinerant artist. Kwon states “The definition of site specificity is being reconfigured to imply not the permanence and immobility of a work but its impermanence and transience. ”

These fossil like sculptural monoprints use a hybrid mold-making and printmaking approach to reveal the cement-cast negative space (or plate) and the epoxy positive (or print). 

Photography thanks to Andrea Martinez